First ever dry clean shoe laundry opens in Lahore

If you have an old pair of shoes that you really love but are no longer wearable from the wear and tear, now you can get them cleaned, fixed and turned into completely new in Lahore.

The first of its kind dry clean shoe laundry has just launched in Lahore. Shoeper Hero promises to turn your shoes completely new like no matter the damage or wear and tear.

The laundry provides services like surface cleaning, deep under-sole scrubbing, insole and lining cleaning, deodorization, water/stain repel treatment and shoelace replacement.

Here’s a quick look at before and after of the cleaning on a pair of shoes by the company.

The Shoeper Hero shoe laundry is a relatively new business that has opened its doors to the public in Lahore. Situated in DHA, the company currently provides online services only.

You can call the laundry to book a free pick and drop (for a limited time only) and decide which cleaning services you require from them.

The laundry is currently offering all kinds of cleaning services starting at RS. 300 all the way to RS. 500 for maximum cleaning.

You can get in touch with Shoeper Cleaning by visiting their official Facebook page.