Embassy of UAE decides to help the ‘fruit lady’ of Islamabad

A couple of weeks ago, a public Facebook group from Islamabad decided to highlight the struggles of Yasmeen, dubbed the ‘fruit lady’ of Islamabad by setting up a donation meet for her.

Yasmeen is commonly seen traversing the streets of the F-11 sector of Islamabad trying to sell fruits on a cart to make a living for herself and her children.

Yasmeen lost her husband and has three daughters and a son studying in school who look up to her for support. Instead of begging in the streets or working as a maid in houses, Yasmeen did the unthinkable and rented a cart to sell fruits on the streets of Islamabad.

She lives in Golra Sharif and regularly visits the fruit market to get fruits daily and sell it to the local public. When the public Facebook group highlighted her issue, several locals came to help her. Their posts about her also caught the attention of Jalal Sherazi, a diplomat from the UAE.

UAE Embassy extends support

When UAE diplomat Jalal Sherazi saw the posts on Twitter and Facebook, he decided to visit Yasmeen himself and raised her concerns and struggles which were later picked up by the embassy of UAE.

Now the UAE embassy is personally raising her struggles. The embassy is supporting Yasmeen by highlighting her issue through their own social media channels.

The embassy released a tweet today saying that Yasmeen was a great example of Pakistani women.

HE , Reacts to a tweet posted by , visits and supports the Pakistani woman Yasmin, who struggles and supports four school going children as her husband died, the lady sells fruits and struggles to feed her family. A great example of Pakistani women