The doughnut ice cream cone finally arrives in Pakistan

If you are an avid Instagram user, you may have come across dessert craze from around the world that combine two of your favorite sweets together: ice cream and doughnuts.

The doughnut cone or chimney cake is a brilliant and innovative take on the classic wafer or waffle cone. The cone in this dessert is made from an actual doughnut. Up until now, it was only an Instagram treat for Pakistanis.

An ice cream eatery in Lahore has finally brought these unique and adventurous doughnut ice cream cones to Pakistan.


doughlicious have just started serving their own handcrafted version of the famous cones from around the world. The ice cream eatery makes doughnuts fresh out of the oven in front of the customers through their ‘live baking’ station.

When the doughnut cone is ready, it is glazed with sugar syrup and actual sugar crystals. But that’s not all, the doughnut is then glazed with Nutella from the inside with a piece of brownie thrown at the bottom of the cone.

The doughnut cone is then filled with your favorite ice cream flavor, topped with caramel, nuts and other toppings. The results are absolutely heavenly.

Doughlicious also serves other ice cream desserts like their ice cream sandwiches, ice cream brownies, ice cream shakes and more.

Location of Doughlicious

Doughlicious is located in Sector T, Phase 2, DHA, Lahore. Use the map below to get there easily.