This company in Karachi threw a ‘Game of Thrones’ themed party for their boss

The newly appointed COO was welcomed with popular GOT line ‘And so his watch begins’

It is safe to say that Game of Thrones is so popular in Pakistan that it has kind of become a part of our popular culture. We’ve seen GOT themed wedding entrances, GOT themed cafes, parties and more.

But what Synergy Dentsu, a creative agency in Karachi did for their boss is setting a new standard for GOT themed parties. The crew at the company held a GOT themed welcome party for their newly appointed Chief Operation Officer.

The welcome party had everything Game of Thrones flavored. From the balloons to the cake to banners saying ‘And so his watch begins’.

Geplaatst door Syed Hassan Abbas op maandag 1 januari 2018

The cake was the highlight of the welcoming party which was adorned with the iron throne itself and said phrases like ‘COO is coming’ and ‘We go forward, only forward’.

More about Synergy Dentsu

For those of you unfamiliar with Synergy Dentsu, it is a creative agency based in Karachi that creates some of the best television commercials in the country.

Haier Storm Hand Washing Machine TVC 2017

Life gets hectic when you have little problems coming in your way, for example dirty laundry!But all this is a thing of the past as Haier introduces the latest inspirational innovation in shape of a Storm Wash Washing Machine. So now you have more time for fun and less worries about work as all your laundry can be done with just a touch of a button!We are proud to present you with our latest TVC which captures your attention while showcasing a wonderful (and adorable) story of a young child & his best friend (a cute dog) and how the Haier Storm Wash Washing Machine saves the day! Happy watching!Client: Haier Pakistan Agency: Synergy DentsuDirector: Haris Qadeer

Geplaatst door Synergy Dentsu. op zaterdag 23 september 2017

The company has produced TVCs for brands like Seasons Canola, Habib Metro Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, Askari Bank Limited, Bank of Punjab, Haier Pakistan, Huawei, Zong and more.

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