This beautiful time lapse video of Pakistan is the best way to see Pakistan’s beauty on a screen

Pakistan has some of the best places on Earth. These hidden gems are scattered around the country and are often on par with locations around the world. But unfortunately, the authorities of Pakistan take very little steps to promote the beauty of Pakistan.

But thankfully, there are enough passionate people in Pakistan who still go out of their way to record the beauty of Pakistan and show it to the world. One such example is the new ‘Glimpse – Beautiful Pakistani’ time-lapse video recorded by PAK Lapses.

The video shows some of the most beautiful landscapes of the country with an aim to show the variety of landscape beauty that is Pakistan. From the video, you can see how clouds form in Swat, see the darkest and cleanest skies showing uncountable stars and much more.

It took Pak Lapses years of planning, shooting and editing to create this masterpiece of a video. The team behind the video had to travel thousands of kilometers to capture these amazing views of Pakistan that are otherwise really hard for people to see who are the less adventurous type.

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