Watch: See the beauty of entire Islamabad through the eyes of a drone

The six minute video shows Islamabad through new and unseen angles

The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Islamabad is recognized as the second most beautiful capital in the world for its amazing views, hilltops, and greenery.

For the first time in the history of the country, AF Films have captured the entire city in a beautiful aerial coverage which shows parts of Islamabad through new and unseen angles.

Nearly every single notable area of the city has been shot beautifully through a drone which presents these iconic places of the city in a brand new fashion.

The Capital

The CapitalIt is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that an aerial coverage of an entire city has been produced through drone. The aerial coverage of Islamabad, The Capital carried out by AF Films.See all areas of Islamabad, Have a spot on where you live and tag your friends from Islamabad. If you are from Islamabad or you have seen the beauty you will surely enjoy Viewing Islamabad in Six Minutes through Drone Coverage.Don’t forget to tag and share along. Tell us If you like itDirector: Faisal HabibProducer: Ali Raza Anwar Post: Ali Raza AnwarArielOP: Pilot's Creations Muhammad Faizan Khan YousafzaiMusic: I'm not buried yet- ZeroFilm by AF FilmsPlease watch in HD

Geplaatst door AF Event Management/Films op vrijdag 24 november 2017

The six-minute video is definitely a breath taker especially for those who are living in the capital because the city has never before been seen through such perspective.

The AF Films aerial coverage of Islamabad was made possible by Faisal Habib who is the director of the footage. It was produced by Ali Raza Anwar.

If you’ve got any friends who haven’t been to Islamabad all their life, this is an excellent video to show them how the city looks like. For those of you who are already living in the city, enjoy watching your favorite places of Islamabad like never before.

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