This university in Karachi just opened a rooftop cafe for its students

Iqra University, a private university primarily located in the Defence residential area of Karachi has just opened a rooftop cafe for its students at the EDC campus in Karachi.

The rooftop cafe is located on the 12th floor of the Education Tower recently completed by the University. The cafe stands out from the rest of Pakistani universities cafes simply because of its ambiance.

Iqra’s rooftop cafe can easily rival some of the best rooftop restaurants in Pakistan. The cafe is equipped with colorful lights that give it a whole new meaning at night.

One of the unique things about the cafe is that it does not accept paper money. Students are required to purchase a membership card which they can then use to buy food or other stuff from the cafe.

The university also uses the cafe space to hold various concerts and other events from time to time. With proper lighting features and an open space, every event has been a huge success within the university students.

The cafe is part of the 12 story Education Tower of Iqra University located at its EDC campus adjacent to the main campus.

The building houses 100 classrooms, library, faculty rooms, labs and parking space for 300 cars.