T10 Cricket League starts today – Here is your last minute TCL schedule update

The first ever edition of the T10 cricket league (TCL) goes live today with six teams participating for the ultimate prize in a 10 over match format.

The T10 cricket league will be played from December 14 to December 17 and the first match will be held today at 8:30 PM in Pakistan between Bengal Tigers and Kerala Kings. The opening ceremony of the tournament is expected to go live by 6:00 PM, Pakistan time.

All the matches will be broadcasted live in Ten Sports and GEO Sports.

Official schedule of T10 cricket league 2017

The inaugural match of the league will be played between Bengal Tigers vs Kerala Kings with Maratha Arabians taking on Team Siri Lankan cricket in the second match.

The second day of the league will hold 4 matches and will conclude the first round.

Round 2 will begin on 16th with 4 matches between the qualifying teams from round one. The third and final round will start on 17th with 2 semi-finals and the final scheduled on the same day.

The schedule below is according to Pakistan Standard Time.

14-Dec-17 6 PM (PST) Opening Ceremony
14-Dec-17 8:30 PM (PST) Bengal Tigers vs Kerala Kings
14-Dec-17 10:30 PM (PST) Maratha Arabians vs Pakhtoon
15-Dec-17 5 PM (PST) Bengal Tigers vs Punjabi Legends
15-Dec-17 7 PM (PST) Maratha Arabians vs Team Sri Lankan Cricket
15-Dec-17 9 PM (PST) Punjabi Legends vs Kerala Kings
15-Dec-17 11 PM (PST) Pakhtoon vs Team Sri Lankan Cricket
16-Dec-17 5 PM (PST) Team 1 (Group A) vs Team 3 (Group B)
16-Dec-17 7 PM (PST) Team 3 (Group A) vs Team 1 (Group B)
16-Dec-17 9 PM (PST) Team 2 (Group A) vs Team 2 (Group B)
16-Dec-17 11 PM (PST) Playoff for 5th / 6th place
17-Dec-17 6:30 PM (PST) Semi Final 1 – Team 1 vs Team 4
17-Dec-17 8:30 PM (PST) Semi Final 2 – Team 2 vs Team 3
17-Dec-17 10:30 PM (PST) Final
17-Dec-17 11:59 PM (PST Closing Ceremony

T10 Cricket League 2017 FAQ

The T10 cricket league is a brand new format of cricket. Since this is the very first time 10 over matches will be played, a lot of people are confused by the rules of the game. This FAQ will help you understand how the tournament will play.

Many Pakistani players are also part of the league. Check the full team roster here.

How many teams are playing?

Six teams are playing in the T10 cricket league including Maratha Arabians, Punjabi Legends, Colombo Lions, Pakhtoons Squad, Kerala Kings and Bengal Tigers.

Each team will be led by a cricket celebrity. For example, the Pakhtoons Squad is being led by Shahid Afridi.

How many matches will be played in total?

15 matches will be played in the group stage while 3 more will be played in the knock-out round making it a total of 18 games.

How many overs will be allowed per innings?

As the name suggests, each side will play 10 overs in their innings.

How many overs are allowed per bowler in an innings?

Every bowler will be able to bowl a maximum of 2 overs.

How many players are on each team?

Each team has 11 players.

How long will be one match?

A single match of T10 Cricket League will be 90 minutes long. This is as long as a football match.