Remember George from ‘George Ka Pakistan’? He’s back with a new show

George Fulton, a British-Pakistani television journalist, and producer of the ‘George Ka Pakistan’ fame is back with a brand new comedy/satirical Pakistani talk show.

His new talk show, ‘George’s Jungle’ is all about the current affairs of Pakistan discussed in a light-hearted manner. George released the first episode of his new show on his official YouTube.

George lived in Pakistan for 9 years before he acquired Pakistani status while retaining his British citizenship. But due to security reasons, George announced that he was leaving Pakistan on the 1st of March 2011.

During his time in Pakistan, George married a Pakistani woman and had a child with her. The family moved to the U.K after security issues in Pakistan were rising.

In Pakistan, Fulton worked for the BBC and did a talk show titled ‘Question Time Pakistan’. He then went on to produce BBC’s Hard Talk Pakistan before moving to the reality TV show ‘George Ka Pakistan’ by Geo TV.

George gained much of his popularity in Pakistan through the show which was based on his actual experiences in the country.

He later left GEO TV for another channel and did a couple of more shows before leaving for Neston in Merseyside where his roots were.

You can watch his new show on YouTube and follow him on his Facebook page.