Pakistan’s first smart motorcycle helmet has entered its beta phase

Back in late 2016 and early 2017, Let’s Innovate revealed that they were working on a smart motorcycle helmet that would send a text to family and call an ambulance in an event of an accident.

The smart helmet titled ‘Helli’ has since then gone many changes and improvements to its systems and has now entered its beta phase.

Let’s Innovate intends to release the helmet in the Pakistani market by mid-2018 at a price tag of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 depending on the features it has.

The Helli smart helmet was created by Ali Syed, Awais Azhar, Syed Abdullah and Waqas Khalil at Let’s Innovate. It features a built-in GPS service that immediately calls an ambulance if the helmet detects an accident.

The helmet also has Bluetooth, speakers and a heart rate sensor built right into it with a dashcam in the front of the helmet. It is also partially waterproof and can withstand harsh rains in the monsoon.

Although the idea is great and will help protect 43% of households that use motorcycles, it will still be really hard for the company to convince the people to wear this helmet because only 10% actually wear any sort of helmet in Pakistan.

The company once releases the helmet will get in touch with third-party advertisers to spread the message and hope that people will understand how important wearing the helmet is and how the Helli can help them save their lives.