A Pakistani beatboxer wowed the judges of Turkey’s Got Talent and got three yeses

A Pakistani youth currently studying in Aksaray, Turkey wowed the judges of Turkey’s Got Talent with his beatboxing skills. Umer Zahid, who is originally from Karachi has been beatboxing since he was 12 years old.

About 7 months ago, he applied for Turkey’s Got Talent, part of the biggest talent hunt shows of the world. He was asked to submit a 1-minute video that showed his talents before he went on for his summer holidays in Pakistan.

When he got back, he received a call from TGT confirming that he was chosen to appear for his auditions on the show. He was then taken to Istanbul.

In Istanbul, Umer performed in front of three judges and a huge crowd and managed to get three yeses from the judges. The audience also loved his performance.

Since the video is in Turkish, Umer helped us roughly translate the video.

Rough video translation

At the beginning of the video, a judge asked him where he came from. Umer told him that he was originally from Pakistan but was studying in Turkey. When he told the judges he was from Pakistan, one of them asked if Karachi was more beautiful or Lahore? Umer replied by saying that both were equally beautiful. The judge then asked him about Islamabad to which he replied ‘It’s even more beautiful’.

After his performance, one of the judges said that it was the very first time that she got entertained by a beatboxing performance. She said that she never found beatboxing interesting until she heard Umer.

The second judge agreed with the first one and applauded Umer’s ability to mix singing with beatboxing. The judges then decided and gave him three yeses.

Umer Zahid makes it to the second round of Turkey’s Got Talent

Umer has qualified for the second round of Turkey’s Got Talent. There are a total of four rounds in the competition. In the second round, the audiences in the hall will give a percentage ranking to Umer’s performance which will decide if he will go to the next round or not.

In the last round, the whole of Turkey will vote whether they want Umer to win the competition or not. If he manages to win, Umer will be awarded 600,000 Turkish Lira which is roughly equal to RS 1.6 Corores.

The second round of Turkey’s Got Talent will start in about two weeks from now.


More About Umer Zahid

Umer Zahid is originally from Karachi but he is currently studying psychology counseling in Aksaray, Turkey. Umer is a highly talented youth who can speak 9 languages fluently including Dari, Persian, Tajik, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Sindhi, Urdu, English, and Memoni. He is currently learning to speak Russian.

At the age of 12, when he was still in school, Umer used to make sounds from his mouth and could even create music with just the sound from his mouth.

At the age of 19 when he was in college, the internet helped him realized that his talent was widely recognized as Beatboxing. He then polished his beatboxing skills and even performed at several venues in Pakistan before coming to Turkey.

If Umer wins Turkey’s Got Talent, he will give 30% of his winnings to charity and the rest of it to his parents.

We wish him all the best for the second round of Turkey’s Got Talent. Be sure to his journey on his official Facebook profile.