Pakistani architect creates plant pots unlike you’ve ever seen before

There are very few architects in Pakitan who go out of their way to make something unusually unique. Furqan Habib, an architecture from Islamabad uses his knowledge to create everyday things that are complex in nature, yet simple to look at.

One of his most popular products is a line of customized parametric pots that are unlike anything you have seen before in Pakistan.

Furqan uses digital technology to create complex products which he later cuts through laser. The results are often products that look unique and simple.

According to a regular buyer of Furqan’s unique plant pots, the parametric pots seem like they come from a very different place on earth. It is hard to believe that someone in Pakistan is creating things that look completely different from the stuff that is typically available in the market.

In addition to pots, Furqan also creates unique looking room and office shelves, lamps and lights.

To find out more about his work, follow him on his official Facebook page.

More about Furqan Habib

Furqan is an architect from Islamabad and founder of his small company called the ‘Line-Scape’. He describes his company as an exploration to use digital technology to produce a wide range of complex but simple looking products.

Furqan did his Masters in Advanced Interaction with Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain. Before founding his own company, Furqan has worked on small-scale shades and projects ranging from three-star hotel and more.