New cafe in Islamabad brings 20 flavored ‘Milk based’ teas

Islamabad sure loves its chai. The capital is home to some of the best ‘Chai’ cafes in the whole of Pakitan. With cafes like Chaye Khana and Chika-Chino already serving the masses with teas, another eatery has opened its doors to chai lovers.

The newly added ‘Bun Burry Club’ hopes to stand apart from the rest of the ‘chai’ specialists in the capital by introducing 20 different flavored ‘Milk based’ teas.

Bun Burry Club is all about chai and snacks. But what really sets it apart is its tea collection which ranges from flavors including Vanilla, Saffron, cinnamon, Sandal, ‘Garam Masala’, ginger, salted, green chili, Gurr, rose, black pepper, tulsi, mint, clove and many more.

The cafe opened its doors on the weekend through a grand ceremony. The opening was attended by notable figures and celebrities of Islamabad.

There is a whole history of how the idea of flavored milk tea came to be. Founder and owner Hamza Gondal explained that he got the idea of flavored milk teas from a restaurant in Dubai. One night he and his friends were looking for tea and came upon a busy cafe at 3 AM in the morning.

Surprisingly, scores of people were waiting to grab their special tea. He and his friends decided to try the special tea and to their surprise, the flavored milk tea was actually pretty good.

This is when Muhammad decided to bring flavored milk teas back to his home country. But since the restaurant wasn’t interested in franchizing, he had to bring flavored teas under a new name, and hence he came with Bun Burry Club.

Apart from flavored milk teas, the eatery also offers snacks, tons of dishes and desserts for anyone who comes by.

Location of Bun Burry Club

The Bun Burry Club is located in the Beverly Center, Blue Area, Islamabad.