Karachi’s stunt girl Marina Syed has started a bike riding school for females

Marina Syed recently wow’ed Pakistan with her stunt skills on a heavy bike

Marina Syed, a resident of Karachi recently made waves on social media for performing death-defying stunts on a heavy bike becoming Pakistan’s only female to have performed risky stunts on a heavy motorbike.

The daring and beautiful Marina has now set her eyes on young Pakistani females who love riding bikes but have access to no platform that can teach them the basic skills required to ride and maneuver a bike.

She is starting a small private platform that will teach young Pakistani girls all about motorcycles in hopes of turning their fears around and giving them enough knowledge to ride a bike.

Tribute to this Stunt Woman Marina

Meet Marina – Karachi’s stunt girl who defies death with her bike on city roads.

Geplaatst door TransPortistan op donderdag 23 november 2017

We are pleasure to announced that we started a platform for those female who wanna learn bike so please come and join us….. Remember sharing is caring…..

Geplaatst door Marina Syed op woensdag 29 november 2017

Pakistan's First Female Heavy Bike Riders #rowdyriders #bikers #femalebikers

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Marina and her group of bikers have already started their operations in Karachi and are encouraging females of all age to enroll in their private school.

If you are a girl and you want to learn how to ride a bike, check out Marina’s bike club Rowdy Riders on Facebook.

More about Marina

Marina Syed is a Karachite with a passion for riding and performing stunts on heavy bikes. She has always been passionate about bike riding and heavy bikes and has spent much of her life trying to master bike riding.

She recently gained fame in Pakistan for performing stunts on the streets of Karachi. She is also one of the very few women who has traveled from Karachi to Kashmir on a heavy bike.

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