Italian woman makes a car entirely covered in real human hair

An Italian hairstylist has made something utterly unusual. Credited with Guinness World Records as the hairiest car to travel the roads of the world, Maria Lucia Mugno’s Fiat 500 is the strangest thing you’ll see today.

According to Maria Lucia Mugno of Salerno, she spent more than 150 hours in covering her Fiat 500 with more than 264 pounds of real human hair that she got from India.

Speaking to the Italian media, Maria said that her inspiration came from a dare, a bet that was made with a friend at work. Her friend thought Maria wasn’t capable enough to make a car that was entirely covered in real human hair, but she took the challenge at face.

Maria’s Fiat 500 is covered completely in human hair from the outside and inside and is travel-safe because she did not cover the engine or the inside of the car with hair which would cause a fire hazard.

She made this car back in 2014 but it only got viral on the internet recently.

When people see her car and realize that it is covered in real human hair, they are disgusted as much as they are shocked. But Maria loves it and shampoos it, brushes it and trims it every day to make it beautiful.