Islamabad traffic police goes on a challan spree – fines 12,000+ violators in December alone

The end of 2017 is upon us and it is not looking good for traffic rules violators in Islamabad. But it certainly is looking good for Islamabad Traffic Police who has fined more than 12,000 people in the month of December alone.

In a figure acquired from sources close to the ITP in Islamabad, the traffic police have given challan to 2,394 drivers not wearing seatbelts, 1,600 challans to drivers using mobile phones while driving, and 8,215 challans to motorbike riders without helmets.

While this crackdown on traffic rules violators is being appreciated by most of the law-abiding citizens of Islamabad, others believe ITP is simply fulfilling their targets for the year by going all out in the last month of the year.

For many years, Islamabad Traffic Police has kept a strict standard for drivers wearing seatbelts and bikers wearing helmets. Anyone found violating these two rules have always been given a fine.

ITP has designated four zones in Islamabad to observe traffic. Zone 1 which compromises of the red zone of Islamabad is where most of the traffic force is usually active.

Throughout the year, ITP has issued as many as 7,58,134 challans to traffic violators worth RS.220 million. With the December crackdown, the police will be adding another RS. 3,662,700 in challans.