You can now participate in one of a kind ‘flying yoga’ classes in Karachi

Fitness enthusiasts, if you are tired of doing the same sort of workout every day and have tried almost everything that helps you move your body, there’s something in town that may interest you.

The health and fitness club at Pearl Continental Karachi has just started a one of a kind ‘aerial yoga’ classes that are unlike you have ever seen in Pakistan.

The Aerial Yoga or Anti-Gravity Yoga is a brand new type of yoga coming straight from the heart of New York. If you are somewhat familiar with Yoga, it basically combines traditional yoga poses, dances and pilates with the use of a hammock.

This practice requires a special kind of Hammock that is able to support up to 300 Kgs of weight. The rig is imported in Pakistan and consists of a webbing strap, a silk hammock, support chains and carabiners.

The hammock act likes a swing which supports the body and lets the user conduct their desireable yoga posses. This particular form of yoga is extremely good for stretching the whole body and strengthening the muscles and joints.

The Aerial Yoga classes are taken by Hamna Moin, an international certified instructor with many years of experience in the health and fitness field, especially in Yoga.

Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga classes take place ever 2 days in a week during 6:30 to 7:30 pm. You can book the sessions by either heading to PC Karachi or visiting Hamna Moin’s Facebook Page.

Location of Aerial Yoga Karachi

The Aerial Yoga is held twice a day in a week at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi. Use the map to get there.