You can now compete in ludo tournaments in Karachi and win cash prizes

Pi Social is Pakistan’s first board game lounge that holds house events and tournaments for your favorite board games, including the Pakistani favorite ‘Ludo’.

The cafe has already held multiple tournaments in the city and is quickly becoming popular amongst people who love playing board games, especially Ludo.

Apart from serving excellent smoothies, drinks, ice cream and freak shakes, anyone can head over to Pi Social’s board game lounge and start playing a game of ludo or any other board game.

The cafe holds in-house tournaments from time to time where various teams from Karachi take part and compete against other teams to win cash prizes. The cash prize is anywhere from RS. 5000 to RS 20,000.

Pi Social recently held their Ludo & Lattes 2.0, a tournament of ludo which attracted a huge number of ludo enthusiasts. The second edition of the tournament was immensely successful with one team emerging victories and two runner-ups, each given a cash prize.

Pi Social intends to create a community where ludo players can interact, build strategies, make team-up events, discuss games and play their favorite board games.

If you think you’ve got skill in ludo, join Pi Social’s Facebook page and look out for the next tournament and try your luck against some of the best ludo players in Karachi.

Location of Pi Social

Pi Social is located at F-79, 3rd Ave, Karachi. Get there by using the map below.