The British Backpacker Society has ranked Pakistan No.1 out of 20 World Adventure Travel Destinations

The British Backpacker Society which was featured on the BBC recently has just ranked Pakistan as the number one adventure travel destination of 2017.

The team at BBS has visited more than 80 countries around the world trying to encourage tourism to places where the general perception is negative.

Since the perception of Pakistan has always been ‘dangerous’ in the West, the team decided to visit the country in 2016 and see themselves if the perception of the country was true.

The British Backpacker Society ranked Pakistan number 1 out of 20 other adventure travel destinations because they consider Pakistan one of the friendliest countries in the world with mountain scenery that is beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

The team encouraged people from around the world to travel to Pakistan and assured that their perception of the country will be changed forever once they’re done.

Top 20 Adventure Travel Destinations of the world

During their 4-5 years of travel, the team of Samuel Joynson and Michael Worral of British Backpacker Society from Bournemouth has traveled more than 80 destinations. Here are the top 20 destinations they picked.

1. Pakistan
2. Russia
3. India
4. Turkey
5. Kyrgyzstan
6. Lebanon
7. Tajikistan
8. China
9. Georgia
10. Uganda
11. Bosnia & Herzegovina
12. Jordan
13. Iraq
14. Democratic Republic of Congo
15. Algeria
16. Montenegro
17. Egypt
18. Rwanda
19. Uzbekistan
20. Kosovo

The team at the British Backpacker Society will continue its journey and travel more destinations. They will compile a new list of top adventure travel destinations of the world in 2018. You can follow their adventures on their Facebook page.