Bashir Ahmed becomes the first Pakistani to compete and win gold in 85KG Bangkok Jiu Jitsu Championship

Pakistan’s toughest and best Mixed Martial Arts fighter Bashir Ahmad has once again made the country proud by winning gold at an international martial arts event held in Bangkok.

Bashir Ahmad competed in the 85 kg weight class of the expert division at the Bangkok Jiu-Jitsu Championships and emerged victorious winning a gold medal for Pakistan.

Speaking to his fans through his Facebook page, Ahmad jokingly said that he now deserves a plot of land from the government of Pakistan and a direct meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

All I ask for is for some government support! A plot of land, a meeting with the Prime Minister and my own TV show where I talk about that time I won a gold medal for 3 seasons! If there is any money left over from the education or welfare budget, you should give it to me too! Extensive media coverage is expected of course. 

In a more serious message, Bashir Ahmad said that he loves his country and wants to put it in the right direction and honor the sacrifices of the real heroes of Pakistan such as the martyred soldiers who died 3 years ago defending the people.

Bashir Ahmad has won gold for Pakistan for the third time in 3 consecutive seasons. His dream has always been to make MMA a mainstream sport in Pakistan. Since 2009, he moved from the U.S to Pakistan to make his dream a reality. He has already opened a club where he teaches MMA to the youth of Pakistan