Bank of Punjab becomes the first Pakistani bank ever to introduced standardized uniforms for staff

When you’re handling people’s money, you need to appear presentable, professional and capable. How a person dress shows their commitment to their professionalism.

According to a well-known research, not dressing appropriately for the banking industry can give a negative impression to the customer.

For a long time, dressing up good with the help of suits, accessories, and shoes have been a core part of the banking culture. Even in Pakistan, nearly every bank has a strict code when it comes to dressing.

But one bank in Pakistan, the ‘Bank of Punjab’ is taking this culture one step ahead by introducing standardized uniforms for all its staff.

From now on, each and every staff member of the Bank of Punjab will wear the same colored suits, ties, and shirts. The Bank of Punjab has also made it compulsory for the female staff to wear the standard uniform which includes an orange ‘dupatta’ instead of a tie.

This is the first time in Pakistan’s history a bank has introduced standardized uniforms. Following there footsteps, there is a chance that more banks will follow since this move adds to their banking culture and is good for branding.