Apple says they’re sorry for intentionally slowing down old iPhones – reduces the price of battery replacement

On December 20, Apple caused a widespread anger after admitting they were intentionally slowing down older iPhone versions with new iOS updates.

Since then at least 8 lawsuits have been filed against Apple in California, Illinois, New York, and France alleging that the tech giant has defrauded their customers by slowing older iPhones without warning them.

We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down. We apologize.

Apple issued an official statement apologizing to their loyal users on Thursday. The tech giant also announced that they will now be cutting down on the price of out-of-warranty battery replacement to $29 (Approx. RS. 3,000) instead of $79 (Approx. Rs. 8,000).

The statement also mentioned that from now on, the tech giant will update its iOS operating system to allow users to see whether their battery was in poor health and is affecting the performance of their phones.

Earlier Apple executive admitted that the iOS updates were slowing down older iPhones because of poor battery health to increase the life of the device.

Apart from slowing the device down due to battery issues, Apple has denied that they have ever done anything else to decrease the life of iPhones.