Aiman Khan being cheated on by Shezad Sheikh and Sanam Chaudhry ? What are these three stirrip up?

When a friend calls you breaking down in tears, explaining how she got cheated on by her significant other, how often do you find yourself not knowing how to respond because deep down you know how this inflicts never ending pain? As inclined as you are to guard your friend’s heart against betrayal you know no words can cover up for the intense emotional torture of your loved one drifting away.

Alas, a story on the controversial issue that the majority of our women discuss in every other forum. The treacherous act of infidelity and its aftermath. What can be more exasperating than your best friend secretively wishing you ill in life? Geo’s new drama serial “Ghar Titli ka Par” starring Aiman Khan, Shehzad Sheikh and Sanam Chauhdry is a story a lot of our women in the society are tied down to with no hope of escape. Like they say, the devil always comes in disguise. The devil in this story is disguised as a friend who tries to end the marriage of the female protagonist Shafaq (Aiman Khan).

Shafaq shares a sisterly bond with her friend Anji (Shafaq Chaudary) but she is oblivious towards the fact that she is being cheated on right under her nose. The drama also centers on how some individuals like Anji get so blinded by their insecurities they tend to forget how far they’ve come as friends, how they’ve stood up for each other, cried together, laughed together, and experienced a lot of life-changing metamorphosis and they put all of that on stake over something so petty.

To abbreviate, being cheated on by a friend is inarguably one of the most stingy feelings in the world and let’s hope that Geo’s upcoming drama “Ghar Titli ka Par” strictly condones this concept because the magnitude of the detrimental pain it inflicts on people can only be explained by them.

I personally cannot wait to see how sizzling this on screen love trio turns out!