600 Pakistani school children formed this impressive logo formation by holding torches in their hands

The ACE International Academy in Bahria Town Islamabad conducted a sports day at the school where children from all grades participated.

Sports education is crucial for every child as it helps to bring out the athlete in a child. Sporting activities in schools help to build and solidify the importance of sports in our country.

The ACE International Sports was the 10th annual edition of the day where children took part in many different sporting activities.

The real highlight of the day was the closing ceremony of the day where more than 600 children from the school came to the ground in the formation of the ACE logo by just holding torches in their hand in the complete darkness.

The formation was so perfect and well executed, showing the talents of the children at the school. It is unlike anything was seen in the schools of Pakistan and is definitely a great initiative by the school.

Forming a logo or symbol on a huge ground with 600 individuals isn’t as easy as it sounds, but the children of this school pulled it with so much perfection that has led many speechless.