The walls of Haripur get a new life through the Rang De Haripur Drive

The Rung De Haripur drive is bringing new life to the walls of Haripur with the help of its citizens who are painting walls with creative art to show positivity.

The campaign was initiated with the efforts of Creative Bachelors Society, a student union that works under the banner of the University of Haripur. The campaign encourages students and artists of the city to paint walls with graffitis with a positive image of Pakistan. There’s even an 1 lakh Rupees prize for the artist with the best graffiti.

According to the Creative Bachelors Society, more than a thousand people from across the city registered for the campaign. The Rung De Haripur drives two purposes, one it gives artists the chance to display their skills to the city and secondly they add beauty to it.

There are tons of students from universities taking part in the campaign along with students from various schools in the city.

Currently, the students have painted various walls in the city including the walls of the offices of Deputy Commissioner, Education Department, DPO, and EDO.

Thanks to the campaign, the city walls are now covered with vibrant and beautiful colored paintings that have completely given Haripur a new look and has freed it from political slogans and advertisements.