Will friendship transpire into love this time? – SHAYAD- Episode 1

The first episode of drama serial Shayyad is out and we already seem to be enjoying every bit of the blooming chemistry between the main characters, Saad ( UzairJaswal) and Umm-e-Hani (Sadia Khan). The introduction of every character has been done in an immaculate manner.

The first few scenes of the drama beautifully unravel the relationship between the leading characters. The highlight of the drama for me was every frame capturing the strongly-knit friendship between the two cousins and the scenes displaying their childhood memories and showing how Saad became Umm-e-Hanis pillar ever since she lost her parents at a very young age.

What I personally admired about the episode is that nothing seems to be overdramatized or nonsensical about the plot. There is only one character, phuppo, showing a strong disliking against the female protagonist, Umm-e-Hani and the rest of the family wishes good for her. The drama also does not showcase Umm-e-Hani as a hopeless damsel in distress yearning for help and to see the female lead being portrayed as headstrong and practical is quite pleasing for the eyes.

Uzair Jaswal has completely impersonated the character of a boy hopelessly in love with a cousin older than him. Our hearts have already melted for him since he has been forced into growing geographically distant from the love of his life by his parents who have commanded him to go study in Lahore. Sadia Khan, on the other hand, has flawlessly played the character of an emotionally composed girl who encourages Saad to go and study with no fear of being left alone. Apart from looking mesmerizing in her ethnic attire, I instantly developed a liking for Saadia Khan’s character Umm-e-Hani when she selflessly gives Saad a prep talk to go and complete his studies and how composed she stays even after he leaves.

Saad’s grandfather lecturing him not to go exploring the “Wadda Bazaar” cracked me up, adding a humor element to the drama and I am surely digging for similar gags to laugh on. The introduction of Umm-e-Khani’s khala’s son sent by his mother as a rishta candidate has already given the plot a twist and I cannot wait to find out how this unfolds. It seems to be one of those dramas in which you suddenly develop a strong bias for the lead and I am positive majority of the audience has already vouched for Saad to win Umm-e-Hani’s heart because of his intense longing and unabashed love for her. To abbreviate, the first episode was quite an amalgamation of romance,

emotions, curiosity and humor and everything from the beautifully scripted dialogues such as “ Tumhari awaz se ese laga jesay tabti dhoop main girti hui barish ki boondein” to the fast paced momentum of the drama just leaves us rooting for more !