Price of iPhone X in Pakistan is as high as RS. 175,000 and here’s where you can get it

The iPhone X recently made its debut in the international market with thousands and thousands of customers lining outside Apple stores to get their hands on the new phone around the world.

The iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone 10) is Apple’s first ever smartphone to feature a full-screen display which gives it a bezel-less look. The phone also features some very notable improvements over past models such as a new super retina resolution and the ability to unlock the phone through Face ID.

Despite being a $1,000 phone the iPhone X was quickly sold out as soon as it was launched to the public and now shipping is currently listed at three to four weeks. Some of the lucky iPhone X phones made it to Pakistan and are being sold for as high as RS. 175,000 for 256GB model.

E-commerce sites in Pakistan are listing the phone anywhere from RS.135,000 to RS. 175,000. Here are some of the most popular online stores and their listing price for iPhone X phones. – RS. 134,999 – RS. 159,999 – RS. 139,999 – RS. 164,999 – RS. 144,990 – RS. 170,990 – RS. 149,999 – RS. 174,999 – RS. 157,999