Pakistani Artist turns stretch marks, wounds and scars into art

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, stretch marks are something that is a natural part of our body. But the beauty and fashion industry have put false images in people’s mind by showing perfect body and skin on TV and magazines. Hence many women, especially those who are young are unable to make peace with the little imperfections such as stretch marks.

A Pakistani artist is turning stretch marks into pieces of art in order to help young men and women across the world make peace with their stretch marks, scars and more.

Sara Shakeel uses a combination of digital technology and traditional Japanese art style known as Kintsugi to beautify photos of men/women having stretch marks.


Kintsugi is a method used by the Japenese to repair broken ceramics in their home with special lacquer often combined with silver, gold or platinum. Once the broken ceramic is repaired, the method gives these a beautiful new life.

Shakeel received an amazing response from around the world, with many people including men and women sending her photos of their scars and stretch marks to be turned into art.

What inspired Sara to start such art?

It all started one day when Sara went to her friend’s place for a photoshoot. When she was taking pictures of her female friend for a collage art series, her friend constantly asked her to remove her stretch marks through photoshop.

The fact that her friend did not like stretch marks made her really sad and came as a surprise because her friend was lean and had a nice build. When she got back home she started adding glitter to a photo of stretch marks making it look like as if glitter was popping out of those marks. She posted her work on Instagram and it got back a lot of response.

Sara Shakeel is very active on her Instagram and produces a lot of different artwork. You can follow her here.