Nutella changes its decades old beloved recipe

Nutella, the world’s beloved hazelnut chocolate spread has just changed its decades-old beloved recipe. Ferrero quietly changed the recipe of Nutella, a move that was first discovered by the German consumer group Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre.

In a Facebook post, the group noted that Nutella’s recipe had some minor changes which result in a slightly different taste of Nutella.

The hazelnut chocolate spread now 56.3 percent sugar instead of 55.9 percent. The presence of skim milk powder has also increased from 7.5 percent to 8.7 percent which likely reduced some cocoa content in the process. The fat content is now decreased to 30.9 percent instead of 31.0 percent.

As a result, the hazelnut chocolate spread we have loved for decades is now a little more sugary and lighter in color.

Nutella fans around the world including Pakistan are not happy with Ferrero’s stealthy move. Fans all over the world expressed their anger on social media when they read today that their favorite chocolate spread has been messed with.

Ferrero admitted the minor recipe tweak speaking to The Guardian on Tuesday saying that the quality and all other aspects of the product remains the same.