A new Toyota’s Anniversary scam is hitting WhatsApp users in Pakistan

As useful as it is, WhatsApp is also home to several thousand scams in the world. The fact that anyone can send you messages on the platform means that you need to be extra careful from hackers that target WhatsApp users.

A recent scam in Pakistan is hitting several thousand Pakistani WhatsApp users. There is a message going around that says Toyota is giving away free 2018 model cars on their anniversary followed by a link.

If a user clicks on the link, a malicious software can enter their smartphone and their personal data such as contacts, email lists, WhatsApp and text messages, pictures, emails and other crucial personal data can be stolen.

‘URGENT: Toyota offers free cars model 2018 on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of its establishment get yours now >>>> http://toyotawinpriz.com/’

The scam has already affected a number of Pakistani WhatsApp users because it is very cleverly designed. As soon as you click on the link, you are taken to a realistic survey page which asks you to enter your personal details and then requests you to hit the download button.

The download button basically downloads a malicious application which contains viruses and malware that quickly spreads in your phone.

The survey page also asks you to forward the message to at least 30 people to increase your chances of winning a free car from Toyota.

To avoid being scammed on WhatsApp, never click on a link sent through a message. Only accept links from people you know.