National Stadium Karachi is getting a makeover ahead of PSL season 3

Last year the final of Pakistan Super League season 2 was held in Lahore which opened up the way for more international cricket events in Pakistan. As a result, as many as two international cricket events in Pakistan has been held since.

Now PSL 3 is looking forward to bring at least 4 matches from the league to Pakistan and two of these are expected to take place in Karachi.

But the National Stadium in Karachi last held an international cricket event in 2009 when Pakistan held test matches against Sri Lanka. As a result, the stadium has been in a pretty bad shape and is not suitable for international cricket.

After taking notice of the barren land the stadium has become, PCB is quickly renovating the stadium to help it shape up for the upcoming PSL 3 matches to take place in Karachi.

As part of the renovation, the authorities are revamping the pitches on the ground and new grass is being planted around the stadium. For the audiences, PCB is also adding new stands and seats.

According to some sources, the stadium required at least a year to finish the work of renovation but since PSL is only four months away, the work is being rushed and is expected to complete on time.

This is the first time National Stadium Karachi is being renovated in 20+ years.