Mushahid Shah needs your vote to become the first Pakistani to participate in International Event

Fjällräven Polar, a one of a kind expedition held in Switzerland is happening in 2018 and a Pakistani wants to participate in it. But in order to participate, he must win enough votes from his region to qualify.

Fjällräven Polar is a yearly 300km long journey by dogsled and only the toughest explorers from around the world make it through. This year’s edition will take place in April. In order to participate in the expedition, voting is held from around the world where people vote for their favorite explorers. This year, a Pakistani wants to be a part of the Fjällräven Polar and he needs our help.

Mushahid Shah who is a Computer Science graduate from IIUI Pakistan is an adventurer, hiker, mountaineer, rock & wall climber who has earned 2 gold, 4 silver & 4 bronze medals. He loves exploring nature, visiting new places and meeting new people.

The challenging nature of Fjällräven Polar is the reason Mushahid wants to enter the expedition to represent Pakistan and prove that Pakistanis are not behind anyone else.

You can vote for him now by visiting his official entry page on the Fjällräven Polar website.

Mushaid Shah currently holds 6617 votes and is only behind a few votes from his Indian competitor. Let’s make him become the first Pakistani to represent Pakistan at this prestigious international Event.

The voting for Polar Fjallraven will end 14th of December.

You can follow Mushahid on his official Facebook page.

More about Polar Fjallraven

The Polar Fjallraven is a 300 Kilometer long journey by dogsled which takes place in the Arctic Wilderness. Every year, more than 20 people from around the world apply to become a part of this journey.

Participants are required to travel from Signaldalen in Norway to Väkkäräjärvi in Sweden. They first learn how to take the journey from experts and are then geared up with the best winter clothing. Each participant is then handed down their own dogsleds to start their journey.

Participants must take care of their dogs, cook all their own food and set up camps on the way. This is done to show that with the proper equipment and preparation, anyone can take a winter adventure.

But because the journey is quite challenging especially with the extremely cold climate, not everyone makes it through.