The Lion King live action film gets a release date – Cast confirmed, includes Beyonce as a lead

One of Disney’s greatest classics of all time, The Lion King is being made as a live action movie. Previously, Disney was teasing the fans of the beloved 1994 animated film with tons of speculation and rumors, especially around the fact that Beyonce was joining the reboot.

Now Disney has confirmed that Beyonce will indeed be taking the lead role in the film and has also revealed the release date of the live action film which is now set to hit theaters on July 19, 2019.

The live-action reboot of the Lion King will follow the footsteps of Disney’s recent and very successful live remake of the Jungle Book. It is also being directed by John Favreau, the same person who directed Jungle Book’s live action reboot.

Disney confirmed the cast of the film and the cast through a tweet today.

Cast of The Lion King live-action reboot

Here is the official cast of the Lion King Reboot and the characters they will play.

  • Doland Glover – Simba
  • Beyonce – Nala (Simba’s childhood friend and love interest)
  • James Earl Jones – Mufasa (Simba’s Father)
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor – Scar (Simba’s uncle and villain of the movie)
  • Alfre Woodard – Sarabi (Simba’s Mother)
  • John Oliver – Zazu (Simba’s hornbill friend)
  • John Kani – Rafiki ( Mandrill friend of Mufasa)
  • Seth Rohen – Pumba (Simba’s warthog companion)
  • Billy Eichner – Timon (Simba’s meerkat companion)
  • Eric Andre – Azizi (originally, Ed the hyena)
  • Florence Kasumba – Shenzi (One of the 3 hyena companions of Scar)
  • Keegan-Michael Key – Kamari (Originally, Benzai the hyena)
  • JD McCarary – Young Simba
  • Shahadi Wright Joseph – Young Nala

Lion King live-action remake release info

Lion King live-action remake will be released on the 19th of July, 2019 across the world.