Shell, PSO, and Total petrol is damaging your car engine according to Honda

If you are a Honda car owner, be careful when filling your car at Shell, PSO or Total filling stations. Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Ltd, has just found out that an additive in the fuels of these companies seems to be damaging their car engines.

Honda has filed an official complaint with The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) over the matter. The authority announced yesterday that it will investigate the complaint with local filling stations owned by Total, Shell, and PSO.

According to Honda, Manganese was found in fuel samples of these petrol companies. Manganese is added to fuel to make it appear of higher quality but can increase fuel consumption and as well as potentially harm the engine and damage public health due to the emissions it makes.

Honda’s complaint noted that Pakistani petrol suppliers are adding Manganese to their petrol to elevate the RON that is used to grade petroleum goods to increase the standard of lower quality RON fuel. Currently, the regulatory standard for fuel is RON 92 grade.

According to the tests conducted by the car manufacturing, Manganese levels of up to 53 milligrams per KG was found which is deemed dangerously high.

Toyota remains silent over Manganese addition

Honda’s main competitor in Pakistan, Toyota is yet to file such a complaint if there is indeed such high levels of manganese in Petrol.

Following Honda’s complaint, experts believe that Toyota will come forward too because they were already worried about high levels of manganese in fuel but did not find it damaging their cars.