The creators of Burka Avenger are set to release their second animated series

The people behind the highly successful Pakistani animated action television series ‘Burka Avenger’ are now ready to release their second animated Pakistani television series.

The new series titled ‘Teetoo and Tania’ is a fun looking animated series that depicts a funny green looking alien ‘Teetoo’ who are invading planet earth to destroy it. But he is met by the Pakistani teen ‘Tania’ who is the only girl on earth who can save it now.

The studio ‘Unicorn Black’ released a small teaser trailer that shows both the characters. The art and production value from the trailer can easily be matched with international standards.

The animated series will launch on November 30th on PTV. It will be aired at 6:10 pm every Thursday with a repeat telecast scheduled on 6:20 pm every Sundays.

More about Unicorn Black

Unicorn Black is a Pakistani animation studio founded by Haroon Rashid. The studio created one of the most successful Pakistani 3D animated television series of the country ‘Burka Avenger’.

The series Burka Avenger has spawned 4 seasons with 13 episodes each and has won many local and international awards. The series was also nominated at the International Emmy Awards in 2015.