Careem and Uber drivers join hands to protest against administration

The drivers of the popular ride-hailing companies Careem and Uber held a protest on Tuesday to register complaints they had with their respective administration.

The drivers of both the companies joined hands and brought their cars out together bearing several banners and blocking Ferozepur Road, Lahore. The drivers parked their cars to stage a protest through a ‘sit-in’.

The protesters had a lengthy list of demands having 28 points. These points included both social and financial issues they are having with the administration.

One of these demands included stopping young people from doing sexual activities in the back seat of the car.

Summary of 28 demands by Careem and Uber Drivers

Careem and Uber handed over a lengthy list of demands consisting of 28 points.

  1. The base fare for Uber Go increases to 200 and for Uber X 250.
  2. Rates for Go cars Rs.13/KM and Rs.4/minute. For Uber X  RS.18/KM and RS.6/KM
  3. Weekly bonus should be fragmented to 10, 20 and 30 rides.
  4. For Uber X, switch option should be introduced to help drivers switch from Uber X to Uber Go at will.
  5. Surge times should be applicable to both Go and X, during the same time
  6. Rush areas or a ride through congested area to be charged at 1.5 boost or any surge should be added
  7. Any area on the boundary area of Lahore should have 1.5 boost in surge because getting return rides are hard.
  8. Any ride between 11 PM to 5 AM should have 1.5 boost added.
  9. Rs. 50 surcharge if the rider has to pick or drop a companion at a different location from original pick up or drop off location.
  10. Pick up and drop off locations should be mandatory when rides appear on captain’s mobile.
  11. The company should ensure stopover locations are also mentioned in ride request or at least charge extra if the customer demands it.
  12. The company should compensate drivers if pickup location is farther than 3 km.
  13. The base fare should be added again if there is a round trip requested.
  14. The company should spread awareness that only 4 people are allowed in a ride and children who are above 5 years or more should be considered a full passenger.
  15. Riders should pay washing charges if they spill liquids or vomit in the car or takes the car through a messy area.
  16. After 5 minutes time charges should start automatically.
  17. If the rider asks the captain to pick him/her other than the pin location, the captain should be able to start a ride and then go pick him.
  18. Riders should have an account created on the app through ID and SIM number for security purposes.
  19. If the person is requesting a ride for someone else, they should provide the number and ID of that person. The person should not be able to rate the captain if someone else hired the ride for them.
  20. Riders should only be able to rate captains after they have taken at least 10 rides from the date of registry.
  21. The captain should be able to deny a ride at late night if the area is too far from his current location.
  22. The company should inform all riders that a captain can refuse the ride for doorstep services if he or she is living in an area where reaching on a car is hard.
  23. The company should inform couple riders not to conduct unethical activities in vehicles otherwise captain should have the right to ask the male to come on the front seat or cancel the ride immediately.
  24. The company should provide legal assistance to captain if any security agency or police capture him due to an illeagle activity of the rider.
  25. The company should pay the fare if the rider went away without paying the fare.
  26. The company should stop blocking captain accounts until they receive a suitable answer from the captain. Captains should be warned before their accounts are blocked.
  27. The training of the captains should be redesigned because it is very superficial. The captains are willing to help them design a better practical training for new captains.
  28. The company should have a tutorial video for the rider to help them understand how to use the app properly and they should not be able to make ride request until they understand the operations.