Artists from China and Pakistan come together for the CPEC Culture Caravan

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Cultural Caravan has launched its two-week-long cultural, musical and performance activities in Pakistan. The caravan will attempt to explore and promote the cultural diversity both the nations share within the country.

The caravan will be showcasing artistic interaction that will help in recognizing the differences between the cultures of both countries. It consists of 18 members and began its journey from Hunza on November 4. At least 12 Pakistani and 6 Chinese artists will be performing different artistic disciplines ranging from dance, music, photography, literature, filmmaking, documenting and anthropology while making its way to Islamabad.


The Caravan will pass through and camp at different locations along the CPEC route while conducting its activities throughout this route alongside local artists from the areas where they will stop.

A curtain raiser ceremony was held a night before the caravan started which was attended by celebrities, politicians, diplomats and other important figures in Islamabad.

A grand exhibition will be held in Islamabad at the end of the caravan’s two-week long journey. The caravan is open for public and anyone can catch a glimpse of the performances by both Pakistani and Chinese artists.