Ali Azmat hints at ‘Junoon’ reunion

South Asia’s biggest band, Junoon is set to reunite this year as the leading vocalist Ali Azmat hints at a possible band reunion.

The Sufi rock band which is regarded as one of the biggest bands in the world and the ‘U2 of Pakistan’ by The New York Times disbanded in 2005 when Brian O’Connell went back to the United States and Ali Azmat went on to pursue his solo career, leaving behind Salman Ahmad who continued to use the band’s name.

Now the band could be returning this year as Ali Azmat hinted at a possible reunion last night through a Facebook post.

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Ali Azmat is actively touring around Pakistan these days performing at several venues. With him teasing the band reunion, there is a chance that ‘Junoon’ could return to perform on their silver anniversary in December 2017.

Previously, the two members Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmed have shared bitter rivalry after the band disbanded. Both have been seen talking negatively about each other on various occasions.

Junoon’s Silver Anniversary

Junoon (Salman Ahmad) is all set to release a single on December 16, marking the silver anniversary of the band. The official Facebook page of Junoon even shared a music video of a new single featuring Salman Ahmad with Waseem Akram and Shaneira Akram.

Junoon 2011 reunion

The last time the band reunited after breaking up was during the 20th anniversary celebration of Junoon. But this reunion was partially incomplete because Ali Azmat denied performing with Salman Ahmed over their personal issues.

In an interview, Ali Azmat revealed that he was indeed contacted many times by Salman Ahmed for a reunion in 2011 but he ignored his emails.

When all three members were together, they created some of the best music in the history of Pakistan. Here are just a few of their iconic singles that are still loved across the country.

As more details are revealed, we will keep you updated.