Ahsan Iqbal clears the air regarding Chinese man being issued a Pakistani CNIC

The Interior Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal cleared the air revolving around a photograph of a Pakistani identity card being held by a Chinese national. This picture was revolving around social media today and Pakistanis expressed their unhappiness and called it the after effects of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

To clear the air, Mr. Iqbal announced on his personal Twitter account that the Chinese man, Feng Lin Cui was given the national identity of Pakistan way before CPEC was even born and that his parents were actually Pakistani citizens since 1989.

His parents were naturalised as Pakistani citizens in 1989, decades before CPEC was born – Ahsan Iqbal

Why were Pakistanis expressing their anger over the photo?

It all began when someone uploaded the picture of the Identity card on Facebook which read the following:

Chinese citizens can easily get Pakistani citizenship but neither Afghan refugees nor their children (who are born here) can get citizenship . Not only this but also thousands of pukhtoons have been deprived of the citizenship by blocking their CNIC .

welcome to the so called islamic republic of Pakistan who claims to have a soft corner for their Muslim brothers

Following the Facebook post, a lot of mix reactions from the public were seen in the comments. While some claimed that refugees are never offered citizenship no matter what, others agreed that the government was indeed doing wrong by depriving Afghanis the right to have Pakistani citizenship.