Zaid Ali T releases first vlog with wife Yumna

Pakistani-Canadian YouTube comedian and social media celebrity recently got married to wife Yumna and released a Q/A video together a couple of weeks ago. The couple since then have mostly remained away from the camera but now have released their first ever Vlog together which features Zaid Ali, his wife, and their friends including Sham Idrees.

Unlike the first video, the video has multiple segments. Zaid Ali is also seen teasing his wife on and off and answering a couple of questions unanswered from the previous video. It also features a hilarious segment where Yumna tries to translate an English sentence into Urdu.

Zaid Ali catches his wife cleaning her mess

Remember in the last video where Yumna revealed Zaid Ali was the one who created the most mess in the house? Well, this time Zaid Ali caught his wife cleaning the mess she made after her makeup and confirmed that she was indeed the one who created the most mess.

Introducing their cat ‘Peanut’

In the second segment of the video, the couple had a surprise for everyone. They introduced their new cat Peanut which was kept a secret before. Peanut looks like an extremely adorable cat who sure knows how to give a high-five.

Introducing their new home

Zaid Ali T finally answered the much-awaited question whether the couple was living with their parents or had their own space. Zaid Ali and his wife finally revealed that they have got their own place. They even give a tour of their new home in the video.

Introducing their varied music tastes

Later in the video, Zaid Ali and Yumna decides to go pick up Pizza they had ordered for their friends who were coming later that day. During this segment of the video, Zaid Ali revealed that he and his wife have very different musical tastes. He even lets the audience pick who’s taste in music is better.

Zaid Ali also challenged his wife that if anyone from the fans would pick her music taste over his, he would go completely bald.

Yumna tries English to Urdu translation

Later on the video, Zaid Ali’s friend Shaveer joins the couple and together the two try to get Yumna to translate a simple English sentence ‘the boy walked across the street’. Yumna roughly translated the sentence to ‘larka nay street mein walk kari’.

Later on Shaam Idrees joins the party with his wife and Zaid Ali gives them a tour of their new home and everyone enjoys a slice of pizza until the video ends.