Watch: Official trailer of ‘Rangreza’ featuring Urwa Hocane and Bilal Ashraf released

Rangreza is a musical romance film directed by Aamir Mohiuddin and features Gohar Rasheed, Urwa Hocane and Bilal Ashraf as the leading cast of the film.

After many video teasers, music, and poster releases, the production team finally released the full theatrical trailer for their film ‘Rangreza’ last night.

Bilal Ashraf plays a rock star in the movie while Urwa Hocane is a young sweet girl. Gohar Rasheed, on the other hand, has taken the role of being a bad boy.

The trailer picks up the plot of the movie where we are shown the beginning of a musical love tale. It quickly turns intense in the second phase of the trailer where Gohar’s character shines.

Throughout the trailer, there are plenty of songs both modern and classical and a lot of other things going on between the three lead characters, turning it into a love triangle.

Rangreza release info and cast

Rangreza features a cast of both new and veteran actors and actresses including:

  • Gohar Rasheed
  • Urwa Hocane
  • Bilal Arshad
  • Ghana Ali
  • Saleem Mairaj
  • Seema Pasha
  • Akbar Subhani

Rangreza is set to hit Pakistani cinemas on December 21st, 2017 alongside Shaan Shahid’s Arth – The Destination.