Watch: The New X-Men movie ‘New Mutants’ is a horror movie

For quite some time, we’ve all known that the upcoming X-Men movie the ‘New Mutants’ would be more of a horror movie than the traditional action, sci-fi genre of the rest of X-Men movies.

With the release of the first trailer of the movie, the rumors have indeed turned true. The trailer shows a horrifying insane asylum with tons of creepy moments. It’s definitely not your typical X-Men movie.

The ‘New Mutants’ is supposedly a movie about a new younger generation of mutants. But unlike the comic books where the new students arrive at Charles Xavier’s school, the film seems to be largely set in an eerie asylum in which this new young generation of mutants are kept inside cells and are there to be studied by scientists.

There’s definitely a very dark atmosphere setting of the movie which proves that it is indeed going to have horror elements if not completely a horror movie.

Are you excited about the upcoming X-Men movie ‘New Mutants’?

New Mutant’s release info

The ‘New Mutants’ just dropped it’s the first trailer today. The release date for the movie has been set for April 13, 2018.