Watch this German Ambassador get a haircut, buy a Sherwani and try puri halwa in Pakistan

When it comes to ambassadors, diplomats and other rich westerner’s, they are never really seen in the streets of Pakistan without heavy security force. Some of them even have a very negative look on their face.

But one ambassador from Germany, Mr. Martin Kobler is changing the way rich and well-positioned westerner’s walk around the streets of Pakistan. Instead of traveling with a band of policemen and private security, Martin simply visits many places in Pakistan with a guard or two.

For the past few weeks, Martin has been to many different places in Pakistan including Chitral, other northern areas, Lahore, shrines and local street markets of the country.

He has tried roadside food like seekh kebabs, puri halwa and more of the country’s favorite food. Instead of visiting posh restaurants, he decided to go to common people’s restaurant where affordable food is served.

Martin Kobler also enjoyed a Pakistani traditional haircut at a local barber and explained it to be a pretty serene experience. Martin has definitely changed the way we see rich westerner’s in our country and hope more people like him will showcase the positive side of Pakistan.