Watch: DC’s superheroes including Wonder Woman unite in the newest Justice League trailer

DC’s superhero team is all set to take on the bad guys next month. To set the mood for the upcoming events in the movie, DC has just released a brand new trailer of Justice League showing the all mighty superheroes taking on the bad guys together.

The trailer starts by showing us a world left after the death of Superman in the events after Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The very same world that deemed superman a threat including Batman are now all feeling his loss as TV newscasters break the news that war, violence, and terrorism is at a new high.

But terrorism isn’t the real threat, there’s something even darker looming on the horizon. Batman dreams the forthcoming invasion by aliens and starts to recruit new metahumans (superheroes) with Wonder Woman to fight back the incoming threat.

The two manage to form Justice League which is made up of Aqua Man, Cyborg, The Flash, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Throughout the trailer, we are given a look at each of the superheroes powers and how they are dealing with the invasion. We also catch a glimpse of a strange and intimidating figure which seems like is the main villain of the movie.

Justice League release date

Justice League is all set to release on November 17th. Release in Pakistan will be synonymous with the rest of the world.