Paragliding returns to Lahore!

Last year, Octane adventures held a paragliding event for the first time in Lahore, Pakistan. The event let people from the city experience what it was like to paraglide under the supervision of expert pilots.

The event was welcomed by both adults and children and soon went on to become a very popular activity for the citizens of the city of lights. The Paragliding event returned this year during Spring and now it is gearing up for another go on October 28th in Lahore.

Octane Adventure’s paragliding event in Lahore will let you experience paragliding first hand and will allow you to record a video of your experience in 4K resolution with a GoPro video camera while you fly.

The flight takes place approximately 2000 Feet above the ground and every flight offers a time of 15-20 minutes. Be sure that you are less than 100 KG to be eligible for the event.

For booking details, head over to Octane Adventures event page on Facebook and start booking now.

Location of Paragliding, Lahore

The paragliding event in Lahore will take place on October 28th near Bahria Town, Lahore.

Octane Adventures assures that all equipment for paragliding is procured from Germany and is extremely safe to use. They have conducted over 700 rides in the past 3 years. In case of emergency, the professional pilot accompanying you always have a spare parachute.

More about Octane Adventures

Octane Adventures is a nonprofit social club for adventurers. They are on a mission to introduce a culture of mutual respect and friendship by bringing in different kinds of sports and activities.
They currently offer Trekking, hiking, karting, rafting, camping, and paragliding. Check out their official Facebook page for more information.