Mega hit serial Muhabbat Tumse Nafrat hay to reach its climax

Muhabbat Tumsey Nafrat Hay a romantic trio between three characters Maheen, Waqar and Gulraiz sustained the viewer’s attention since the beginning of the show, the interesting twists and turns in the story, the curiosity at the end of each episode and the remarkable performance were a cherry on the top.

The screenplay was done absolutely fantastic and it was more like watching an exclusive big-budget project with known names of the TV screen, with lavish locations and sets, props, wardrobe, and makeover.

The story revolves around Maheen [Aizah Khan] and Waqar [Imran Abbas] mainly when a stubby yet jolly girl Maheen falls for her cousin Waqar, the role of the grandmother was perfectly placed to give a u-turn to the entire story.

It was relatable since a lot of cousin marriages happen to be this way after going through a lot of family pressures either to tie the knot with the male or female cousin of the parent’s choice or not to tie the know with one of the relatives in the same family.

It’s complicated but it is related to everyone’s life, maybe this is the reason it became the recent talk of the town and created buzz on digital. The blogs, groups and social influencers are talking about the climax.

What is going to happen next? If Maheen is going to forget everything, either she is going be successful in taking revenge? Is it the right approach to let go or to be steadfast in taking revenge from Waqar since he left her on the wedding day and that even due to a fake letter he read.

The viewers are waiting and definitely, the end of the story is going to be happening, so fingers crossed and let’s see what happens tonight at 8:00 PM on geo TV!