A man bought this giant Boeing 727 plane and converted it to fully functional home

What looks like a giant airplane accidentally landing in a forest is actually home to Bruce Campbell, an engineer with a passion for airplanes.

Bruce Campbell lives in Oregon in his giant Boeing 727-200 airplane house. To convert it into a fully functional home worthy of living, Bruce had to spend a whopping $100,000.

He got the entire decommissioned plane in 1999 from Athens Airport, turned it into transportable pieces, brought it to a forest in Oregon and reassembled the plane.

Now that which seems impossible has become something like a modern house complete with the cockpit as a reading room, a couple of toilets, living room and a shower.

The inside of the plane has almost 1,066 square feet of living area which does not feel cramped at all. Being an engineer, Campbell also made some interesting modifications to the plane.

One of the neatest tricks he pulled off on the plane was to replace the floor with transparent floor sheets which allow the viewer to see the wiring and ribs of the plane running throughout. He even uses the plane’s original water tank to serve his plumbing and laundry needs.

Campbell now plans to build a similar plane home in Japan.