LG’s new phone is capable of repelling mosquitoes

In a bid to get more of the smartphone market share, phone manufacturers are introducing powerful and innovative new technologies to attract new customers. But unlike Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and other big names in the smartphone industry, LG is up to something completely different.

The company just launched their newest LG K7i smartphone in India which has the power to repel mosquitoes. At first, it may sound like a joke, but tech companies have actually been making upgrades to their products which help repel insects. For example, in Pakistan Dawlence sells some of their products with insect repellent technology.

Similarly, Last year LG created LED TVs which had insect repellent technology. This is the first time the tech company is bringing mosquito repellant technology to a smartphone.

According to LG, the phone is addressing a real concern in the South Asian countries especially in India and Pakistan where mosquitoes have become a huge nuisance and are responsible for diseases that have resulted in deaths too.

The phone uses ultrasound wave technology that keeps mosquitoes away from the owner of the phone. According to the company, the phone constantly emits a sound wave at above 30Khz which keeps these insects away.

The ultrasound wave technology is on the back cover of the phone which can easily be replaced by a normal back cover provided with the phone.

LG K7i is an entry-level phone

The LG K7i is targeted at the low-end smartphone market. It has entry-level specifications including an 8 megapixel back camera, 2 GB RAM and an entry-level quad-core CPU.