Learn how to use WhatsApp’s ‘deleting messages’ feature

WhatsApp, the world’s leading mobile chat application has just released one of the most demanded features for its application for iPhone and Android users which now allows them to delete their messages within seven minutes after they originally sent it.

To delete the message you sent on WhatsApp, follow these simple steps.

1. On your WhatsApp application, go to the chat window from which you wish to delete a message.

2. Tap on the message and long hold until you are given the option to delete it. On devices where the menu button still works, you can select the message and press menu button to select multiple messages for deletion. On the iPhone, simply press ‘Select’ and check mark the messages you want to delete.

3. Once the message is selected simply tap the ‘Delete for everyone’ option and your message will have been deleted for anyone who is linked to the chat window.

Keep in mind that the feature only works if both the users are using the latest version of the application for Android or iPhone. Once your message is deleted, you will get a notification from the application otherwise it will not have been deleted.

Messages can only be deleted within seven minutes of being sent. Any later than that makes the option of deleting the message unavailable.

Once the message is deleted, everyone linked to the chat window will see the notification ‘This message was deleted’ instead of the full message.

If you want to delete the message for only you, tap the ‘Delete for me button’ instead.