Khaani : Feroze Khan and Sana Javed to star together in drama Khaani

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Abdullah Kidwani is launching another drama all laden with romance unraveling the story of a timid and submissive girl Sanam Khan ( Sana Javed) who struggles to back off a spoilt brat Mir Hadi (Feroze Khan) with political affiliations forcing his love on her.

The story is quite relatable for a lot of girls out there who are not inherently sharp-tongued and find it next to impossible to mouth a simple no towards being victimized and emotionally abused by a bystander.  The protagonist, Feroze Khan’s performance seems dimensional as he plays the stubborn and rebellious character of a boy who refuses to take no for an answer from his lady love. The intensity of his voice alone proves excitingly – if also gruelingly – appealing.

Life further gets agonizing for Sanam when Mir Hadi gets into a violent confrontation with her family and stoops to the low level of giving them menacing death threats, jeopardizing her reputation in the family. Will Sanam ever reciprocate the love he expects from her after this inconvenient coincidence of events? Will Sanam be put off by his off Standish behavior and finally call out on him or will she succumb to him pressurizing her to fall in love with him?  Will Khaani seek revenge or love? We will find out.

The teaser released shines a light on an underrepresented emotional conflict that even the uneducated percentage of the audience will be able to grasp and relate with Moreover, visually, the first look in the teaser casts a truly outlandish spell that is bound to confound and overwhelm the audience giving an overall satisfying experience and we cannot wait to see this beautiful chemistry come to life on our television screens!!

Written by: Asma Nabeel

Directed by: Anjum Shehzad

Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi